A PHOTO shoot ON THE dune

Who hasn't dreamt of a photo shoot in a very special place like the Dune du Pilat to feel like a star, a real model? The dune is the ideal place to take not only beautiful landscape photos, but also unique portraits.


shooting dune du pilat


It is therefore not surprising that some professional photographers offer shootings on the Dune du Pilat for engagement photos, weddings, etc. But amateur photographers can also take unforgettable photos and this page provides proof of that!


Here are some of the many photos taken on a summer day in 2022. Thank you very much, Valentina, for this superb photo session on the dune!


A few colour photos


For the shoot, a short walk on the dune is ideal to enjoy the natural site and to change the background.


The dune also invites you to play with the sand during the shoot for fun and creative memories.


Not only colour photos, but also black and white photos offer excellent results.

A few black and white photos

How to prepare the photo shoot on the dune

Here are some tips for preparing your photo shoot on the dune:

  • Prepare your shoot BEFORE going to the dune! Think about your poses, your clothes, the hairstyle, the accessories and jewellery etc.
  • Plan between 1.5 and 2 hours for the session on the dune and take something to drink, especially when it is hot.
  • Take time before and after the session to avoid fear and stress!


Photos and text: (c) Detlef Bogs


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