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Country: France

Region: Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Department: Gironde 


Real Time Traffic Information

On the following website you can get some very useful traffic information in real time!


Once you are on the "Bison futé" website, just click on the map. So, if you want to go to Dune du Pilat, you can choose to get information about traffic in south-west France or in Bordeaux.


Bison futé

Some Distances





 Time needed (car)   
Paris 651 6h31  
Lille 867 8h38  
Strasbourg 1016 10h42  
Marseille 700 6h52  
Nantes 395 4h23  
Toulouse 297 3h11  
Biarritz 197 2h02  
Lyon 616 6h15  


 Time needed (car)   
Bruxelles 953 9h36  
London 1041 11h18  
Amsterdam 1151 11h51  
Berlin 1700 17h16  
München 1350 13h59  
Zürich 1039 10h43  
Roma 1555 15h42  
Madrid 686 7h35