Tips for your visit to the Dune


Take your time!


You should allow at least 1 hour to see the dune. You will also need time for walking from the car park to the foot of the dune (approx. 400 m). If you come during the season (beginning of April to mid-November), you are lucky, as the stairs are then installed so that the ascent is comfortable and only takes a few minutes. Outside the season you need some more time. And when you are finally up there, it is worthwhile to walk around on the dune or to admire the landscape just lying in the sand.


Go for a walk on the ridge of the dune!


Most visitors spend only a short time on the dune’s first "hill", near the car park or the stairs. Of course, from here you can enjoy the wonderful 360° view. Even more interesting is to walk along the dune ridge or even go down to the beach. For such a tour, where you can also experience the influence of the tides on the sandbank in front of the dunes, you should schedule several hours.


Take your camera with you!


From the sight of the dune, its vast expanse and the breathtaking view, one can only be overwhelmed. And who wouldn't want to capture those moments for the photo album? The camera or smartphone - which should be fully charged - is proving to be extremely useful, as always when you are in a very special place. But remember not to forget your camera somewhere, but to take it back with you after your visit!


Come in good weather!


You can't always choose the day. But if you're a little flexible, you should try to catch a day with a blue sky. The best is pleasantly warm, not too windy, with a few white clouds... Then you have ideal conditions for your walk and the souvenir photos. But also in fog, wind etc. it can be very interesting on the dune (as long as the fog clears and the sun comes through!) However, grey skies or even rain would be bad, because in this case the visibility is poor and the different colours, which make up the very special charm of the dune, the sea and the forest, will not come into play.


Take your garbage back with you!


If you want to spend several hours on the dune or at the beach, please take your garbage back with you - preferably to the car park. On the dune itself there are obviously no waste bins and the few bins on the way between the parking lot and the dune are regularly full, especially in case of a large crowd of visitors! If you take your picnic with you, please make sure that napkins, plastic dishes, plastic bottles or similar things cannot been blown away by the wind. You will hardly feel like chasing after these things in the loose sand!