The Dune

Europe's Tallest Sandhill

Unique and overwhelming


The Dune of Pilat is by far the highest sand dune you can find in Europe. But it’s not only about height. It rather impresses by its large dimensions, its fascinating surroundings and the breathtaking views it offers. Not to mention its shapes and colours changing in function of time of day and season as well as the feeling of freedom it conveys.



Piling up names

On the Internetin guidebooks and brochures, you'll find two denominations for this big... 

Dune du Pilat

Big is beautiful

2.7 km long, 500 m wide and up to 110 m high... 

Natural site

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A Wonder of Nature

View of the dune's Eastern slope
View of the dune's Eastern slope

A Unique Landscape

Over thousands of years, nature has created this extraordinary dune, which is one of the most beautiful and most visited natural sites in France. Because of its uniqueness, it is also known far beyond the French borders and fascinates people around the world.


But what makes it so unique? Why does it leave a lasting impression on all those who have seen it at least once in their lifetime? And why do you always like to come back? This website aims to share information and experiences in order to convey some of the magic that emanates from the Dune of Pilat. Take a look at the photos... and you'll understand!






The Dune of Pilat is located in the Gironde department in southwestern France. It is just at the entrance to the Arcachon Bay, on the territory of the small town of La Teste de Buch, about 40 miles southwest of Bordeaux. Thanks to the infrastructure that has been constantly improved in recent years (highways, car park, etc.) it can be reached easily.




View from the south (source:
View from the south (source: